Details & Description

The Ho’omaika’ika’i retreat will take place from May 29-30, 2012 at Camp Mokule’ia, on the North Shore of Oahu in Hawaii, the Spiritual Harmony Capital of the World.
Map of Mokule’ia’s location 

Come to the two-day retreat following Ho’omaika’ika’i: Voyage of Aloha, designed to nurture you toward your next stage of unity— using your own life experiences as your object of practice! At the retreat you will join with a group of conscious connectedness creators in an intentional ‘bowl of light’ that will help you function at your new best.  We will gather to navigate a path for concrete ideas to both deepen our personal practices, and to formalize strategies for creating environments of harmony, collaboration and connectedness in the world we envision.

The retreat is also time to play, laugh, swim and co-create together….

Receive an in-person wave of unity genius from our inspirational leaders including Elisabet Sahtouris of the World Business Academy, Bob Walter of the Joseph Campbell Foundation, Kauila Clark, Poka Laenui and Ha’aheo Guanson of the Voyage of Aloha Community. Thoroughly exploring the unique world of each interested participant, we will develop the desired collaborative initiative to support each participants’ return to our home land, and actively engage the insights gained at the conference.   Moving beyond a change in thinking — to a change of heart —we will navigate transformation in ourselves and in our relationships with the larger world, the planet, and our place in it.