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The Ho’omaika’ika’i Conference will take place on May 25 – 28, 2012, at the Pagoda Hotel in Honolulu, Hawaii. 
Map of Pagoda Hotel’s Location 

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In the language of Aloha (sharing the breath of life), we gather in harmony to share our mana‘o – knowledge, insight, and intuition — guided by Joseph Campbell’s thought shortly before his death in 1987: “It’s time to create new mythologies.”

The time is now for each of us to remember our Hero’s Journey and our promise to live from a paradigm of connectedness. Though modern ways have kept us separate and divided, quantum physics and biological science now support the ancient spiritual stories that run deep inside each of us: We are all connected by a universal energy, which calls us to be in tune with ourselves and in service with others.

Our inspirations are Hawaiian spiritual principles (which mirror the world’s great religious and spiritual traditions and serve as a model for the mythic traditions explored by Joseph Campbell), the scientific knowing of our energetic connections, and the practical insights of the World Business Academy in applying these principles to our daily commerce.

Come play with us in this sacred space as we re-awaken the truth of our connectedness and envision the new mythologies. Join us as we co-create our practices and live them forward in our daily lives.

Ho’omaika’ika’i is a rare opportunity to develop your own path of living conscious connectedness. Come to create, renew and go deeper in your personal journey with others. 

Ho’omaika’ika’i is for peace experts, educators, social entrepreneurs, academicians, artists, community builders, students, scientists, spirituality leaders, integrated health healers, human service professionals, and humanitarians.

Ho’omaika’ika’i brings together the ideas and expertise of like-minded and passionate individuals. Together we will: explore living a pono life, cultivate deep visualizations, learn the deeper meanings of Aloha, engage in moving meditation, experience sacred Hawaiian initiations, make new friends as kindred spirits, express your true purpose, learn how to practice Aloha in business, create an energetic shift in your consciousness, contribute to the energetic shift of our planet, sing, dance and participate in community art, and help each of us live from a place of connectedness.