Thank You Conference Attendees

Mahalo Mahalo Mahalo!

To everyone who journeyed with us this Voyage of Aloha weekend: What an amazing experience and we are so grateful to have connected with you.

Please take the time to process and reflect on your experience. We want to hear what moved & inspired you. Please share your story about your experience with the Voyage of Aloha weekend by uploading it to Share Your Journey on this website!

We are so happy to honor and thank every individual who made Ho’omaika’ika’i possible (If by some chance we’ve overlooked you, it is an unintentional oversight, apologies! We want to include you. PLEASE get in touch by emailing us at

If you see any of these outstanding individuals please express your thanks!

Monica Barnard
Michael Bailey
Renee Bishaw
Jill Braden
Gary Brock
John Butterworth
Stephanie Chang
Sister Joan Chatfield
Laurie Cicotello
JR Coleman
Wendi Crandall-Amidon
Sonia Fabrigas
Nicole Fechtig
Ray Fernandez
Michele Franke
Greg Gerber
Hillery Hanby
Richard Hennessey
Aunty Fay Kauilani
Christina Kemmer
Rob Kinslow
Stephane Lacasa
Iyseas Lea
Nicole Lemas
Jillene MacCreery
Herman Ka’imiloa Marciel
Sandra Moreland
Alan Nielsen
Michael North
Olelo video volunteers
Dwight O’Neill
Amanda Naranjo
Joannie Pan
Lani Petranek
Laurel Pikunas
CJ Rice
Irma Rios
Merritt Sakata
Diane Shinoyama
Kelly Stern
Jane Stites
Matthew Stuckey
Renee Tillotson
Carol Wong
Kit Wynkoop
Xiao Fang Zhou

Please check back for more photo and video coverage, and ways to stay connected with each other beyond the weekend to come!

In the meantime: please continue to receive inspiration and connect with us via :

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