Learning and Resources

The following are a handful of things that inspire us and contribute to the shift in our consciousness. More sources of inspiration (quotes, readings and videos) can found via our Facebook page and our Twitter feed.

We hope you find inspiration in these resources too:   

Change We Must: My Spiritual Journey. By Nana Veary, 2000. 

Tales of the Night Rainbow, By Pali Jae Lee and Koko Willis, 2005.

Ike ‘Āina: Sustainability in the context of Hawaiian epistemology. Video of the talk by Dr. Manulani Meyer, Associate Professor, University of Hawaii, October 2009, 65 mins.

Cultural Codes in Society: DIE & OLA, talk by Poka Laenui for the Institute for the Advancement of Hawaiian Affairs, 1997, 3 pages.

A Reflection on Joseph Campbell and “The Duad. By Sara Davidson, N.Y. Times best-selling author of Leap! and Loose Change, 1 page.

Cosmic Consciousness: Are We Truly Connected? A Journey to Well-being, Happiness, and Success. By James A. Cusumano, Ph.D., World Business Academy Fellow, 99 pages.

2012: Year of Power. Video By Lee Harris, 23 mins

Jake Shimabukuro on peace, joy and ukulele, video clip from TEDx Honolulu, 15 mins

Slam poet Kealoha on Science and the Poetry of Life, video clip from TEDx Honolulu, 10 mins

Mindfulness Meditation by Richard Hennesey 1, 20 mins

Mindfulness Meditations by Richard Hennesey, 2, 13 mins

MIndfulness Meditations by Richard Hennesey, 3, 13 mins