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Together, let’s show the world how Hawaii is a model for peace.

More than ever before: “It’s time to create new mythologies.” These were the words of Joseph Campbell shortly before his death in 1987.

As the Voyage of Aloha community, we work to create opportunitites for people to discover and develop their spiritual journey for themselves and to continually evolve to the next level of consciousness. We do this through conferences, programs, education, and growing experiences.

Your donation to the Voyage of Aloha will go directly to:

* Support scholarships to expand the accessibility of the event

* Expand the reach of our marketing efforts

* Support on-going education and events that continually reach the public, providing tools and knowledge for each of us to move toward greater connection in our lives. 

We are a 501(c)3 and any donations to support the vision of Hawaii as the Spiritual Harmony Capital of the World are tax-deductible.