International Forgiveness Day

If you joined us for the International Forgiveness Day on Sunday, August 8, 2012, we appreciate you and your attendance. If you were not able to join us, save Sunday, August 4, 2013. We enjoyed being at the State Capital: a big open space, over 300 people including some passers-by. There was a little wind and lots of sun; it was a great feeling to be together outdoors, in the rotunda.

Please remember our monthly meetings on the 2nd Friday of the month at 1000 Bishop St.  Go to the Hawaii Forgiveness Project website to add your name to our maiing list.

You will find the Forgiveness Project website with the KAHEA and pictures from last year’s event. Please participate by adding your name and sharing your mana’o.

A Call from the People of Hawai’i
at the State Capitol, Honolulu

“From this place of honor and shared voices, we, the people of Hawai’i Nei, issue this Kahea to our own souls, to each other and to the world for a renewal of forgiveness in our lives.”


Mahalo: Ho’omaika’ika’i Conference was Amazing

We are all connected to this weekend, to this moment. Mahalo to each and every person who participated.

A special THANK YOU  to the Voyage of Aloha Community:
This would not have been possible without your vision, kokua, creative energy and aloha!
Mahalo Mahalo Mahalo!

The following individuals gave of their time, expertise and aloha to make the conference a success. If you see them, please say “Mahalo!”  View the Ho’omaika’ika’i ohana