Hawai’i Forgiveness Project

The Hawai’i Forgiveness Project was started in 2002 by a diverse group of people in island society. We were concerned to bring greater harmony to our people, and were inspired by the example of International Forgiveness Day.

Intense, committed monthly meetings have been held to learn about forgiveness, experience it personally, and communicate it more widely.

We want to know the many facets of the diamond of forgiveness. For the world cultures that have come to our islands, forgiveness is one of the keys to a meaningful life. We envision a community that embraces forgiveness as a life skill — weaving forgiveness into the fabric of our personal, social, cultural, legal, economic, educational, and spiritual life.

To learn more about The Hawaii Forgiveness Project and see how you can get involved please visit: http://www.hawaiiforgivenessproject.org

To speak with someone in person, please contact 
Elizabeth Reveley (808) 216-1993
Michael North (808) 638-7100
Roger Epstein 808-389-0085